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Jen/VaBeach/Married/3 Girls/Art/NewFoundGlory/BurnNotice

My custom shoes are $70 plus $15 shipping unless outside of US then it's $28. (plus tax)

Vans brand will be more. $107 plus shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions:
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Questions/Pic Ideas:

I do not take credit for the shoe designs made by the album artists of the bands, just the customization I painted :) tell all your friends to follow!!! Remember post this URL and tag me and once I get to 1500 followers someone wi be chosen at random for a free pair of custom vans!! Come on »@jencarson925 FREE SHOES!!!!!! I can do other artists too not just the ones pictured! #vans, #customvans, #ptv, #piercetheveil , #sleepingwithsirens , #mitchlucker , #austincarlile , #avengedsevenfold , #falloutboy, #up, #slipons , #customvans , #customshoes , #onedirection, #aaroncarter , #ofmiceandmen , #insidiousapparel

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